App developer’s guide to law and policy: creating quality mental health apps

13 . 12 . 2017

A guidance document to assist app developers create health apps that are legally compliant and in line with industry and community standards.

A health app developers guide to law and policy: a multi-sector policy analysis

The University of Sydney and the Australian Communications Consumer Action Netwerk (ACCAN) have created a tool that is suitable for developers who wish to create legally compliant mental health apps that accord with high professional standards of consumer care and protection. They anticipate that it will be helpful with navigating the complex array of legislative guidelines and industry best-practice standards across multiple relevant domains. The researchers conducted a case study analysis of the Australian and related international policy environment for mental health apps to identify relevant sectors, policy actors, and policy solutions. As a result they identified 29 policies produced by governments and non-government organisations that provide oversight of health apps.

"In consultation with stakeholders, we developed an interactive tool targeted at app developers, summarising key features of the policy environment and highlighting legislative, industry and professional standards around seven relevant domains: privacy, security, content, promotion and advertising, consumer finances, medical device efficacy and safety, and professional ethics".

The tool can be used at all levels of app production, from inspiration through to development and evaluation, and may also be a suitable template for post-market assessment. 


Download here the app developer’s guide to law and policy - Source: BMC Medical Informatics and Decision MakingBMC series